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Open Or Enclosed...You Decide!



This sleek but simple booth is perfect for any event! It's iPad operated so your guests will be able to run it with ease! If necessary it can be completely wireless and run for up to six hours on battery!  Our 5600k LED light ring is strong enough to light up any space and there is also a  control to easily adjust the brightness. This booth also tilts a complete 360 degrees on the stand. This EXPRESSION BOOTH allows your guest to share their images via email or text. **Add-On Printing, A Custom Prop Box, Or Our Premium Backdrops are available at additional cost!

#2. The TOWER...


Open or decide! The Tower Booth is full of power, it's setup in less than five minutes and is ready for action in fifteen! Along with it's professional flash this booth also utilizes a professional Canon 18 megapixel camera thats sure to send your guest home with stunning studio quality images. The Tower has a 22inch touchscreen and software that allows you to print 2x6's or 4x6's, have fun with GIF animation, and gives your guest the option to receive images via text as well! As an add-on you have the option to advertise or play a slideshow on its back monitor!

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